Wounds in horses are extremely common and a lot of the time they are only minor. But there are many synovial structures (joints and tendon sheaths) in the lower limb with very little protection from overlying tissues, so even tiny wounds in this area can be extremely serious. If a wound introduces bacteria into a synovial structure, these bacteria can colonise very quickly causing inflammation and increased pressure within the joint which rapidly becomes very painful. Severe lameness can be suggestive […]


The sacroiliac (SI) joint is the point of articulation between the pelvis and the sacrum (lower part of the spine). The joint is supported by several pairs of very strong ligaments and works to transfer the motion generated by the hindlimbs to the rest of the body. As such, it is exposed to high levels of stress during movement but despite being referred to as a joint, it actually has a very small range of motion. Injuries to the sacroiliac […]

EQUINE ASTHMA – A new name for inflammatory airway disease

Non-infectious respiratory disease is a significant cause of poor performance in horses and knowledge in this field is expanding all the time. Recent research has led to the proposal that ‘equine asthma’ is more appropriate than previously used terms like inflammatory airway disease, recurrent airway obstruction and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, based on the similarities with the human condition. Dust, mould, fungi and noxious gases in the environment are thought to trigger inflammation and obstruction of the small airways. The […]


Due to their nature, horses of all ages and breeds are very prone to injuring themselves. Almost every horse will have at least one, if not several wounds throughout their life time, so as a horse owner it is important to know some basic first aid. FIRST AID First step is Don’t Panic! – Be as calm as you can when catching your horse and try to calm them so they don’t cause any further injury to If your horse […]


A healthy set makes for a happy horse August is Dental Health Month and horse owners are being encouraged to ensure they speak to their veterinarian about dental check-ups for their horses. Dental and oral problems are very common in horses and many of these conditions can lead to changes in behaviour, chronic pain and reduced performance. To provide horses with optimal health and quality of life, good oral care is essential. Dental Health Month is an initiative of the […]