Digital radiography has revolutionized the radiographs we can produce.
The superior clarity and the ability to manipulate the image, enables us to assess and diagnose problems that previously would have been missed by plain film.
We have several portable x-ray machines which enable us to take quality radiographs ‘in the field’.
All we require is a adequate cover.
All horses to be radiographed are sedated in order to reduce movement in the image taken and to protect both the portable x-ray machine and the personnel involved in taking the radiograph.
The digital images can be viewed immediately by the vet, and later saved and emailed for referral or directly to the client.

Radiographs may be taken in the following instances:
• Abnormal clinical findings
• Localisation of a lameness using nerve/joint blocks
• Yearling survey and repository radiographs
• Pre-purchase examinations

Survey Radiographs

Southern Highlands Equine Centre together with Randwick Equine Centre offer a survey radiograph service for our stud farm clients. These radiographic studies occur six months prior to the major yearling sales of the following year.
Early detection of radiographic abnormalities (lesions), can allow surgical intervention, medical treatment or management measures to be undertaken at an early stage.
Early detection can be of huge benefit both to the patient and to the resulting sale.

Repository Radiographs

Pre-sale radiographic examination of weanlings and yearlings has become standard in the thoroughbred industry.
Radiographic studies including 34 views are obtained within six weeks of the sale date and are submitted to the radiograph repository.
The radiographs can then be viewed by registered veterinarians preceding the auction.
Southern Highlands Equine Centre in conjunction with Randwick Equine Centre prides itself in the production of quality radiographs.