Our Recommendation for Better Health

There is a wise saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” At SHEC we recommend that all pets receive a thorough check up each year, including horses.

To ensure your horse is happy and healthy for the year ahead, we now offer a preventative horse health care package, which includes the following services:

  • Physical examination – Temperature, respiration rate, heart and pulse, body condition, movement and hoof condition can all be indicators of underlying health issues. This is a great chance for you to have a chat with your vet, discuss diet, performance concerns or other ways to improve your horse’s health.
  • Vaccination – Hendra virus plus Tetanus and Strangles. These diseases are very dangerous, and potentially deadly. Hendra virus can spread from your horse to people with catastrophic consequences. There is a requirement for regular boosters for each of these diseases so talk to us about how to keep all these vaccines up to date. Vaccination is simply the most effective way to protect you, your horse and your family.
  • Dental Check-up – Horse’s teeth are continually growing, and if they are not well looked after can cause many issues such as poor performance, weight loss and irritation. The vet will examine your horse’s teeth and bite and recommend any action which is necessary. It may be a quick rasp to even things out, or we may discover a hidden problem that needs to be addressed early to prevent major issues later!
  • Worm Count  – it is important that horses are wormed according to their own requirements. We will take a small sample of manure and perform a worm count backat the clinic, and discuss a programme specific to your horse and property.

During the visit we will worm your horse with Equest Plus Tape FREE of charge.