We strongly recommend that all horses being purchased undergo a pre-purchase by an equine veterinarian. This does not guarantee future soundness, but it does reduce buyer risk by assessing the horse’s current condition and likely usefulness by identifying pre-existing conditions.

If at all possible, the intending purchaser is encouraged to ride the horse and assess temperament & compatibility before a pre-purchase is commenced.

The extent of the examination will vary dependent on the horse’s age, desired use and current state of fitness, as well as the purchaser’s expectations and the facilities available. Abnormal findings are discussed with the buyer in respect to the intended use of the horse.
Further assessment can be done with radiographs, endoscope, ultrasound and blood tests (in some cases drug screening) which give a more accurate insight into the horse’s health and soundness thus allowing a more educated judgement of the horse’s suitability.

NB# An examination for pre-purchase is conducted on behalf of the buyer and information is confidential between these two parties.

Please call the clinic (02 4861 7983) to confirm your booking and complete the SHEC Pre Purchase Booking Form here –VIEW