Mobile Radiography

Digital radiography has revolutionized the radiographs we can produce.The superior clarity and the ability to manipulate the image, enables us to assess and diagnose problems that previously would have been missed by plain film.We have several portable x-ray machines which enable us to take quality radiographs ‘in the field’.All we require is a adequate cover.All horses to be radiographed are sedated in order to reduce movement in the image taken and to protect both the portable x-ray machine and the […]


AFTER HOURS CO-OPERATION WITH RETFORD EQUINE VET CLINIC & SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS EQUINE CENTRE Southern Highlands Equine Centre offers a complete range of equine vet services, including a 24 hour 7 days a week emergency/afterhours service. To continue to maintain this valuable emergency service SHEC is pleased to announce that we have recently formed an After Hours Co-operation with another experienced local equine veterinarian in Dr Karim Kooros (Retford Vet). Dr Kooros will be joining the SHEC Afterhours Roster from Monday […]


Good-bye Dr Laura Dennis – we wish you all the best on your amazing new adventure overseas in the pursuit of your veterinary dream. We hope to see you again in the Southern Highlands one day soon. Big welcome to Dr Robin Moore and his beautiful family from South Africa. DR ROBIN MOORE Focus: reproduction and stud medicine. Robin was born and raised in rural South Africa. He qualified as a veterinarian in 2006 and immediately enrolled in the University […]


The team at SHEC are thrilled to announce that we have an exciting new piece of equipment! To provide the best service and care for our clients beloved horse, SHEC now has an Equinosis Q lameness locator for precision lameness measurement! The Equinosis Q lameness locator allows the veterinarians at SHEC to objectively measure lameness in horses with non-invasive inertial sensors. The lameness locator is not a substitute for veterinary lameness examinations however, it is a valuable aid for equine […]


SHEC had 2 new support staff start start this month (July 2019). Maddie Lane – is working part-time as receptionist in the office. Maddie comes from a hospitality background, with a love of horses – she owns and shows paint horses. Tracie King – is working as a casual, so you may come across her time to time. Tracie previously ran her own horse agistment property, and is eager to lend a hand when required. A big welcome to them […]


Our new onsite laboratory facilities offers Southern Highlands Equine Centre access to rapid blood results and provides a quick turnaround for pre-race blood samples and health profiles. Local trainers, clients and veterinarians are catered for with a same day service. Our Laboratory Services include – Biochemistry Haematology Electrolytes Muscle Enzymes Serum Amyloid A We also offer – Faecal Egg Counts IRAP Processing How Horses Work – The Blood


The month of August saw the arrival of two new team members for SHEC, both hailing from the rolling green hills of Ireland. Dr Maria Lydon Maria Lydon MVB grew up on a small farm in Co.Galway, Ireland and graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from the University of Dublin in 2014. Throughout her studies Maria worked with an equine veterinarian in Galway where she gained valuable experience in equine reproduction. After finishing her studies, Maria worked in an equine and small animal veterinary clinic […]


A healthy set makes for a happy horse August is Dental Health Month and horse owners are being encouraged to ensure they speak to their veterinarian about dental check-ups for their horses. Dental and oral problems are very common in horses and many of these conditions can lead to changes in behaviour, chronic pain and reduced performance. To provide horses with optimal health and quality of life, good oral care is essential. Dental Health Month is an initiative of the […]


  Spring has finally sprung in the Southern Highlands and as an equine vet clinic this  is our favourite time of the year. A large amount of foals are born over the coming months and the Southern  Highlands is becoming a renowned breeding area for Thoroughbred’s and non-  Thoroughbreds alike, but what should you know about the  foaling process? The normal gestational length for a mare is 326 – 343 days. Predicting parturition  is difficult but mammary development and dried secretions […]


HENDRA VACCINE IMMUNITY EXTENDED TO 12 MONTHS MAY 16, 2016, 2:30 PM SYDNEY, May 16, 2016 – Today marks a breakthrough for horse owners and the equine industry with the world’s first Hendra virus horse vaccine, Equivac® HeV, now approved for annual boosters following administration of the first three doses. Previously, horses were required to have six-monthly boosters to maintain immunity against the deadly virus. Now, horse owners can halve the number of boosters required after a single six-month booster […]