Routine Stud Service

Veterinary services are provided to studs throughout the Southern Highlands region, both small and large, whether you have 1 mare or 100. Services include follicle scanning, timing of ovulation, artificial insemination, flushing, uterine swabs, twin crushing, pregnancy diagnosis, problem mare solutions, foaling and IgG testing.
Please contact the clinic to set up an appointment.

• Artificial Insemination

SHEC Pty Ltd offers Artificial Insemination with fresh semen
Artificial insemination (A.I.) is the placement of semen into the uterus of a mare at the time of ovulation. It is performed by means of a catheter inserted through the mare’s cervix by a veterinarian. Fresh semen is collected and used almost immediately.
For artificial insemination with frozen semen or for more advanced reproductive techniques such as embryo transfer please go to

• Problem Mare Solutions

Our expert team will watch your mare closely to improve both fertility and the likelihood of a full term pregnancy. Problem mare solutions include but are not limited to:
• Pre and post-breeding examinations
• Surgical procedures such as “caslick” and repair of fistulae following birth trauma.
• Investigative procedures including ultrasound, histopathology, progesterone assay,
• Identifying mares that are at high risk of pregnancy loss ie placentitis and monitoring to assist in the retention of the pregnancy